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Dyson Super sonic Hair Dryer. $400 What?!!!

Wow I had to post this video about this new Dyson vacuum, I mean Super Sonic hair dryer.  I have not tested it yet, but am anxious to get my hands on it ASAP as it totally fascinates me.

I was recently sucked in (pun intended) to buy a $400 Dyson Ball Vacuum.   It took me about 2 hours to put together and it is anti-allergen and did vacuum up a lot of cat hairs, dust and dander.  My cat, Supercat is a giant fur ball who never stops growing.

Giant Supercat and Little baby Tigger my Bengal

Supercat and Tigger, my cat

I have invested in the Furminator for Supercat, a $50 cat brush wish gets rid of his massive fur balls.  Now my hair takes FOREVER to dry.  More than 2 hours with a hair dryer.  Sucks having thick hair.  Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.  So if this magical Dyson Super sonic hair dryer could suck the wet out of my hair without leaving it “dry” as in dry frizzy, but leaving it not soaking wet I might be tempted to give it a whirl.

I saw this on Sephora and was praised as an Allure 2016 Best in Beauty Award Winner.  Whatever that’s worth.  There are also some not so exciting products chosen that you might find for a few bucks at your local CVS.

I found a product release for this Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer in Japan by James Dyson himself the inventor.  He’s on all their commercials.  This could almost be a rival of an Apple event, however I did not hear of it.

First, James had to discover the science of hair.

I think it should be cordless.  That’s what I was looking for in a new hair dryer.  What do you think?

You can even step on it and it won’t break and it’s not too loud.  It has a smoothing nozzle and magnetic tools.  It’s even partially fuschsia.

How fast will this dry?

$400 Hair Dryer by Dyson Vacuums.